Middlesbrough College Digital Centre Launch

Friday 29th April 2022 Liam McElroy News and Updates

Instead of the normal monthly blog post, I want to instead speak about an event I went to this week.

On Wednesday, I was invited to Middlesbrough College to participate in the opening event of their new Digital Centre. The event consisted of some speeches, including a speech from mayor Andy Preston, and a tour around the classrooms.

To say I was blown away by the Digital Centre would be an understatement. Middlesbrough College have clearly taken the time to make sure that the labs and rooms are equipped with the best and most suitable equipment available.
As well, the breadth and depth of courses that will be available for the students far exceeds what I would have expected from any college. I truly believe Middlesbrough College is going to be at the centre of a digital boom in the coming years, and that their students are going to make huge impacts on the local industries, especially the tech and games industries.

The new centre boasted 3d modelling labs, games development rooms, dedicated streaming rooms, green screens, professional film equipment, and more. It was incredible seeing the opportunities that the students there will be able to access.

Whilst I was touring the classrooms, I had the fortune of stopping in at the Greenlord Studios room, a lab that we had the pleasure of being able to sponsor a few weeks ago. To see our name and logo on the wall in a lab where students were using VR headsets whilst learning was completely surreal. I am so happy that Greenlord was able to assist with this incredible new centre, and it makes me so proud knowing that students have access to the best technologies within our sponsored classroom.

All in all, I cannot overstate how impressed I was by the new Digital Centre, and I am overjoyed for the students who will get to use it.

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