What's on at Greenlord: June 2021

Friday 11th June 2021 Liam McElroy News and Updates

June at Greenlord Studios

We have been really quite busy since last month's update. Amongst everything else that is happening with the team at the moment, we have hired on another developer! Joe stood out to us as a capable developer, and we wanted him on board as soon as possible. Joe is already working on a project, and is integrating well with the team. We're excited to have him on board, and look forward to seeing his skills develop with us.

In other news, we are in an interesting time with regards to our projects. A number of projects are winding down or have come to a close, and we are preparing ourselves to begin on a number of new projects. We're very fortunate that we are able to work on a wide variety of projects, and these new ones are looking like some of the most interesting yet. Once everything is squared away with the current projects, I will update our website to reflect some of the clients we have been working with, as well as details on what the projects were. Keep an eye out for that soon.

Finally, the 16th of this month is Greenlord Studios' 5th birthday. There will be a more involved blog post about that on the day, but we are all so proud that we've come this far. There are plans for a celebration, but with the ongoing safety concerns, we aren't quite sure what form that is going to take. Regardless, the team will be celebrating together when we can.

That's all for this month's update, thank you for reading!


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