What's on at Greenlord: October 2020

Friday 16th October 2020 Liam McElroy News and Updates

October at Greenlord Studios

In the last post, I said that we had decided to move the developers back into the office at the end of September. Unfortunately, due to the guidelines changing once again, we are still working from home. As well, after doing an assessment of our office, we decided it would be irresponsible and unsafe of us to have all of the developers in at once.

Fortunately, we are moving office! We are still going to be in the same building, but we are moving the developers into a much larger room, and are acquiring a secondary room for myself, admin, and meetings. A large part of the reason we are doing this is to be able to have the developers in the office together whilst still being safe, though we are also doing this to accommodate future growth and expansion of the company. We unfortunately aren't able to move into these new offices until November, but will be making preparations to do so as soon as we are able.

Other than that, we have a number of new and exciting projects either starting soon, or have already started. We should be operating at close to maximum capacity soon, which is ideal.

That ends this month's update. Sorry it is slightly late, but we were waiting on confirmation of the new office rooms. Thank you for reading!

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