What's on at Greenlord: August 2020

Friday 7th August 2020 Liam McElroy News and Updates

August at Greenlord Studios

As more and more companies are making the decision to move back to the office, we are continuing to have the conversation regarding when we want to make that decision. Currently, we are considering migrating back to the office in early September. Obviously, there are any number of things that could change between now and then that could affect that decision, but it is a time frame for us to work around.

In other news, we have a special announcement to make. We have hired on another full time developer! Callum Kirkwood will be starting with us on the 17th of this month, he is a recent graduate from Teesside University who we believe will be a great fit at the company. We are hoping to get him up to speed and working on his own projects as soon as we can. He will be working from home until we are all back in the office, which will pose some interesting challenges, but I'm sure we'll work through them without too much difficulty.

Finally, work is continuing in the background currently. Work is still progressing on a number of support contracts that we have, which are providing a steady stream of work. As well, there are some talks regarding a new contract, though that may not materialise for a number of weeks.

Anyway, that is all we have for this month. Once again, we want to give a warm welcome to Callum, and can't wait for him to start. Thank you for reading!

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