Covid 19

Tuesday 17th March 2020 Liam McElroy News and Updates

In light of yesterdays announcement regarding Covid 19, all of us at Greenlord Studios will now be working from home for at least the next working week, if not the next two.

Unfortunately, some members of staff from another company in our building are suspected of having the virus. As well, the housemate of one of our members of staff has developed a persistent cough, which calls for self isolation from all members of that household. With both of these pieces of information in mind, we think the most sensible and responsible course of action is to have all members working from home for at least the next week.

Fortunately, as a software company, we are able to work from home with relative ease. We do not envision any hindrances to the projects we are currently working on, and this should not impact what we deliver to our clients.

If there is any update to this situation, we will update social media to reflect. Otherwise, until then, assume we are all safe and managing.

Thanks, Liam

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