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Friday 20th December 2019 Liam McElroy News and Updates

Today is the last day before we close our doors for the year, so I thought I would do another retrospective. This year has seen Greenlord go through some incredible experiences, and I feel we have come a long way as a company since this time last year.

In terms of projects this year, we haven't worked on as many, but the ones we have worked on have been bigger and more involved. We saw the release of TapSOS in the first half of the year, a fantastic app that we are incredibly proud of. We have worked with the Great Run Company, a relationship that is continuing to develop and flourish. We are still working with CognAssist, and are excited to how that develops. Not to mention, we have another large app project that should hopefully be available in the coming months!

Outside of what we've been working on, we have been busy all year with a number of things. The BAPCO annual show had myself and the TapSOS team down in Coventry to promote the app, and I went to the IP Expo in Manchester to talk to industry professionals. We have spoken to university students and college students about the industry and how we got in to it, and we even helped judge a game jam. To top it all off, we were even recently interviewed by BBC Tees about TapSOS, and you can hear that interview by clicking the link in the previous blog post.

Finally, things have changed for us around here too. We celebrated our 3rd year open back in June, we have a fantastic new website up, and most importantly, we hired on our first full time new employee, Scott.

I had high hopes for the company at the beginning of this year, and I feel we have only gone from strength to strength in the past 12 months. Here's hoping that next year has the same level of growth, progress, and success for us.

For everyone reading, thanks for continuing to follow us for another year, and we wish you the best these holidays. We will see you back here on the 6th January, ready to tackle whatever challenged 2020 might have for us.

Thanks, Greenlord Studios

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We had a brief interview on BBC Tees Breakfast about the TapSOS app.