What's on at Greenlord: December 2019

Monday 2nd December 2019 Liam McElroy News and Updates

December at Greenlord Studios

We are very excited to announce a new website, built for us by Scott. As well, we are hiring once again.

Since starting with us in September, we have had Scott working on a new website for us, and that new website is now live! Please take this opportunity to explore the new website, as we are very proud of how it has turned out. Thanks Scott!

Part of the reason we have wanted a new website built is so that we can more easily customise it and add new features, one of which is our jobs page, which can be found here: https://www.greenlordstudios.co.uk/jobs/

If you follow that link, you will see that we are currently hiring, again! If you or anyone you know is looking for a position as a developer, follow that link and get in touch!

Finally, as the holidays approach, our last day open will be the 20th of December, and we will reopen for the new year on the 6th of January.

Until then, thanks for reading!


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We don’t have much in the way of news this month. Mostly we are just continuing on with existing projects, and working with the same clients.